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Lowongan Kerja PT Propan Raya ICC Berbagai Posisi Semarang, Jepara, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Pati, Tegal Agustus 2019


1. Pria Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMK /SMA )
3. Domisili : Semarang
4. Cekatan,Teliti,Rapi


1. Pria Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMA/SMK) Kayu
3. Dicari untuk area : Semarang , Jepara
4. Pengalaman lebih diutamakan
5. Mampu membuat panel
6. Memahami tentang kayu dan furniture
7. Berpengalaman di bidang Finishing min 2 tahun


1. Pria Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMA/SMK) ,Kimia,Kayu
3. Dicari untuk area : Pemalang,Pekalongan, Pati, Semarang
4. Ramah dan Semangat dalam bekerja


1. Pria/Wanita Usia Max 28 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMK /SMA )
3. Domisili : Tegal 
4. Memiliki minat di bidang marketing dan Penjualan Produk


1. Pria Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMA/SMK)
3. Dicari untuk area : Pekalongan
4. Memiliki pengalaman dalam penjualan produk menjadi nilai tambah
5. Communication Skills


1. Wanita Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (D3 Akuntansi)
3. Dicari untuk area : Pekalongan
4. Memiliki kemampuan Akuntasi dan Finance


1. PriaUsia Max 24 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMK /SMA )
3. Domisili : JeparaCekatan,Teliti


1. Pria/Wanita Usia Max 30 Thn
2. Pendidikan Min (SMA/SMK)
3. Melakukan Fungsi promo dan Pengenalan Produk
4. Menyukai Kerja Lapangan
5. Area : semarang

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Jalan Madukoro Blok AA - BB No : 03 Semarang 

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In 1979, DR. HENDRA ADIDARMA – Dipl. Chemiker, returned to Indonesia after finishing his study in University of Stuttgart-Germany.

He realized that Indonesia is a huge resource of woods and rattans which is used to build houses and made into many kinds of furniture and other utensils. He was challenged by the quality of the conventional paints and system which takes a long time to apply and cured. The outcome also poor and not long lasting. Immediately Hendra developed “Wood and Rattan Finishing Systems” that meets the demand of the market. His idea is: the paint must be easy to apply, the process time must be short and it must be able to beautify the products by showing the natural wood grains and at the same times protect the Wood and the Rattan itself. This Wood and Rattan Finishing System exceeded the expectation of the market and soon become a market leader! It was a very simple beginning but a big revolution for the furniture industries in Indonesia. Hendra named this company as PT. PROPAN RAYA ICC. It grew rapidly because it can fulfill the demands, especially for export markets.

Since then, a series of innovative products has been developed by Propan Raya such as metal protective coatings, polymer flooring, water proofing, plastic coatings and car refinish paints.

With the vision to be the most innovative surface coating and building chemicals company with world class quality, Propan carries its reputation continuously driving innovation, research and development to invent better formulas for its products.

Now Hendra is expanding Propan’s product range to architectural paints with a state of art technology called RPS (Rapid Product System). This is the only one in South East Asia.

As Hendra is very concern about the environment, he supports strongly the Indonesian Government's program: “Save the Planet” and replaced Propan’s solvent based paints with Eco-friendly water-based paints. More over, since 2015 Propan Raya actively launches water based paints such as WB (Water Base) Acrylic Lacquer for furniture, WB Wood Care for joinery, WB Metal Protective Coating, WB Polymer Flooring etc.

Beside that, to preserve the local wisdom, culture and heritage, Propan Raya actively supports the development of Indonesian “Green Building”, “Arsitektur Nusantara” and “Creative City” programs.

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