Lowongan Kerja Bukalapak - Terbaru Update

Kali ini kami akan membagikan informasi lowongan kerja salah satu marketplace terbesar dan terbaik di Indonesia, Bukalapak. Lowongan Kerja ini bersumber resmi dari situs career Bukalapak (careers.bukalapak.com). Karena informasi ini bersumber dari situs resmi, kami pastikan lowongan kerja ini gratis, tanpa dipungut biaya.

Sebelumnya mari kita membahas sedikit tentang Bukalapak. Bukalapak.com adalah penyedia tempat jual-beli online mudah & terpercaya, yang memberikan jaminan 100% uang kembali kepada pembeli jika barang tidak dikirimkan oleh pelapak.

Situs ini pertama kali dibuat pada awal tahun 2010 oleh mahasiswa ITB. Pengalaman kurang menyenangkan yang didapat ketika berbelanja online melatarbelakangi visi Bukalapak.com untuk menyediakan tempat jual-beli online yang aman bagi semua orang. Semangat itulah yang menjadi alasan seluruh karyawan Bukalapak.com dalam bekerja. Kami percaya bahwa saat ini Bukalapak.com turut membantu UKM Indonesia mengembangkan bisnisnya.

Dengan bertransaksi melalui Bukalapak.com, kita turut berperan dalam menciptakan lingkungan bisnis online yang aman. Bagi yang belum mencoba belanja di Bukalapak, yuk segera install aplikasinya lewat Playstore atau langsung kunjungi bukalapak.com.

Lowongan Kerja Bukalapak Update Bersumber dari Bukalapak Career

1. Social Media Specialist

The Social Media Specialist will be responsible for social media management for a Bukalapak's account. This person will be the liaison between the digital marketing team at shared services and the on-site marketing teams. You will work creatively to improve engagement, increase followers, and create business leads.

Job Description

- Running a marketing campaign strategy through social media in accordance with a predetermined plan
- Assisting managers in building a social media strategy through relevant research and audience identification
- Coordinate with related parties in identifying campaign needs on social media, content creation, administration, and other needs related to the operational activities of the social media team
- Ensure general information on Bukalapak's social media is managed and updated regularly
- Monitor the interactions that occur on Bukalapak's social media in accordance with business guidelines and needs
- Analyze activities on social media and provide reports to provide recommendations on the development of marketing initiatives
- Making continuous improvements through social data/metrics analysis, extracting insights, and comparisons with best practices in the industry
- Responsible for carrying out other activities according to Bukalapak's needs


- Minimum Bachelor's in Business, Marketing, Communications or equivalent work experience
- At least having 3 years of experience with online marketing, including social media management, reputation management, and online advertising
- Must be detail-oriented
- Must have excellent communication and writing skills
- Customer service experience preferred

2. Talent Pool


Greetings from Bukalapak Talent Acquisition Team!

At any given time, Bukalapak always has many wonderful opportunities available. But if you couldn’t find an opening that matches your background, worry not, we have a talent pool.

A talent pool is a database of potential job candidates that have the potential to meet our immediate and long-term needs. Be it from fresh graduates to experienced background, The Talent Acquisition team welcomes every aspiring talent to apply. We regularly check for new applicants inside the database, and will contact shortlisted candidates.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your resume now!


Since this is a talent pool job posting, we don't have a specific requirement but you may refer to our core values!

1. Enable Customers to Grow

Our users are our main stakeholders. Let’s take the fingers out of our ears and hear what they’ve got to say; they are trying to help us, after all. And once we hear it, we don’t get offended and we don’t feel judged. Instead, we return the favor by enabling them to solve their problems. At Bukalapak, we grow together with our users.

2. Give a Damn

At Bukalapak, we take pride in our work and care about the outcomes. We know we are in control of our destiny, so when things don’t go our way, we get back up, look in the mirror, and ask what we can do better. We earn our successes!

3. Jangan Baper. Lihat Data!

We let data be the impartial judge.

4. Keep it Simple

We value simplicity in everything we do. Complexity is the enemy of improvement. We strive to be simple and frugal: our solutions, our approaches, and even our mantras!

5. Gotong Royong

We don’t believe in going at it alone. We strive to build a community where each of our individual strengths contribute to the whole. In the good times, we celebrate our successes together. In the bad times, we extend a helping hand to pick each other up. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

6. Be Fun!

At Bukalapak, fun matters. Being excellent takes hard work and sacrifice. But if we can’t laugh, play, joke, and remain humble along the way, we won’t stay at the top for long. We love doing our work, deliver fun and shared happiness to our customers!

3. #BukaJalanPulang

Bukalapak always welcomed Indonesia’s great talent to comeback home and pursue their dream to giving back for millions of Indonesians. Since inception, Bukalapak has aimed to improve the economic growth of Indonesia. Using technology as a means of social impact, Bukalapak has created jobs, improved livelihoods of multiple people and helped nudge local SMEs. As the local grown business, we are seizing Indonesia’s potential, and Bukalapak has been the place for hundreds of Diaspora to comeback and gives back for Indonesia.

Let’s take a great chance by joining Bukalapak with our campaign #BukaJalanPulang for gaining your extensive knowledge in tech industry and to contribute to a greater good in Indonesia’s economic growth

Terms and Conditions

All major fields of study are welcome to apply
You’ll be contacted if there's any position that qualified to you

4. DANA Business Growth Specialist 

Job Description

- Updating Actual Cost Promo-Promo + monitoring promo usage dan budget
- Aligning promo/campaign preparation to marketplace and mitra
- Checking all the mkt , voucher setting, and communication plan is implemented
- Analyze Promo performance
- Compile list user for inject voucherku
- Request communication plan + visual and voucher
Prepare promo plan + budget


- Ability to communicate concepts and ideas to different stakeholders.
- Work well with cross functional teams in a high-pressured environment.
- Able to meet deadlines and execute business targets.
- Experience with Fintech, Payment or Virtual Product.

5. Brand Specialist

Job Description

- This role involves collaboration between tribe / squad ( business, o2o, design, creative ) to determine the target.
- Create marketing plan for 3-6 products in Mitra Bukalapak.
- Control and monitoring daily, weekly or monthly program, and continuously monitor and control the marketing campaign that is running.
- Evaluate results from the marketing campaigns and outputs.
- Must be able to provide campaign information and brand purpose for Mitra Bukalapak.


- Minimum 2-3 years of experience in marketing / brand team / content / business development.
- Should be a resilient and strong person, and a fast learner.
- Past experience in e-commerce platforms will be highly valuable.
- Past experience in brand management is a plus.



Lowongan kerja di atas hanya dapat di Apply lewat >> careers.bukalapak.com (usahakan buka lewat browser Chrome)
- Cari tulisan Available Roles di situs karir bukalapak, atau buka menu jobs
Selain posisi di atas, masih ada posisi yang lain. Cek aja siapa tau ada yang cocok dan jadi rezekimu
- Lowongan kerja Bukalapak ini GRATIS, Tanpa dipungut biaya

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