Lowongan Kerja IKEA Indonesia - Terbaru Update

IKEA adalah sebuah peritel perabot untuk rumah tangga dari Swedia. Pada musim dingin 2004, terdapat 364 toko IKEA di 46 negara di berbagai belahan dunia. Katalog IKEA yang berisi info produk IKEA diperkirakan adalah buku yang pendistribusiannya kedua terluas setelah Alkitab dan biasanya diperbaharui tiap Agustus.

Pada tanggal 15 Oktober 2014, Hero Supermarket, pemegang lisensi IKEA di Indonesia telah membuka gerai pertama IKEA di Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. IKEA Alam Sutera merupakan toko ke-364 dan yang paling baru dari 46 negara di dunia. Gerai ini merupakan satu-satunya gerai IKEA di Indonesia, dan juga terdapat Distribution Point IKEA di seluruh Indonesia. 

IKEA juga sudah menjalin kerja sama dengan industri lokal di Solo, Jawa Tengah dengan mengambil bahan baku dan pengrajin di Solo dan Yogyakarta. Produk-produk lokal tersebut akan dipasarkan IKEA ke pasar internasional.

Lowongan Kerja Ikea Indonesia Update November 2020

1. Sales & Supply Support Specialist (Alam Sutera)

In order to contribute to a great meeting with the customer in all sales channels by ensuring a consistently high availability of our offer, with high quality and at lowest possible total cost, we are looking for a Sales and Supply Support (SSS) Specialist. This position will report to the SSS Manager.

Your Assignments:

1. Secure the highest possible goods availability in partnership with the commercial team and taking into account country-specific positioning campaigns, the commercial calendar and local store activities.
2. Act as the main contact partner in the store for all range administration and operational supply-related questions, both for the commercial team in the store and the country Retail Supply Integration department.
3. Working actively with sales in the area of range management by securing qualitative and timely administration of the range in the systems and highlight deviations on the range frame and parameters.
4. Contribute to successful replenishment by working actively with forecasting and ordering in alignment with the commercial calendar.
5. Work actively with the commercial team with the range change process led by the commercial team by providing information regarding sales space parameters, expected sales start, quantity and remaining outgoing quantities.
6. Support Goods Flow Manager with the stock discrepancies analysis as part of the inventory management process.
7. Produce necessary follow-ups for the commercial and management team regarding operational processes in the store, including phasing in and out, overstock and concrete, activities and non-central shortages.
8. Ensure personal development by requesting support from the Sales and Supply Support Manager to improve work competence.
9. Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and thriving IKEA culture that inspires colleagues to reach extraordinary achievements in the store.
10. Work with the agreed global and local Key Performance Indicators, focusing particularly on achieving high goods availability at the lowest total cost.

Your Profiles:

1. Experience of working in a fast-paced retail or logistics environment, and interest in retailing and/or home furnishing.
2. Skilled in retail and/or logistics processes, tools and working methods.
3. Experienced in following action plans/working methods through guidance from managers.
4. Self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.
5. Skilled in supporting an efficient and cost-effective commercial performance.
6. Show potential in applying tactical and operational thinking.
7. Proven record of meeting goals and deadlines and the ability to follow up on set goals.
8. Show the potential to influence in a matrix organisation.
9. Ability to reflect and find value and ideas in collaborating with others, and to inspire and engage others.
10. Experience of problem-solving.
11. High analytical skills and good numerical skills.
12. Willing to work on shifting schedule and have the ability to work during early and late hours of the day.
13. Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English.
14. Willing to work at Alam Sutera, Tangerang.

2. IKEA Food Co-worker (Alam Sutera)

In order to attract the visitors to the stores and encourage IKEA store visitors to stay longer and enjoy more, we are looking for IKEA Food co-workers who will actively be involved in offering great food with quality at the lowest prices and giving visitors a tasty reason to return to the IKEA store again and again, and providing co-workers with a chance to rest and re-charge. This position will report to Kitchen Production Manager/Commercial Restaurant Manager/Commercial SFM & Bistro Manager.

Your Assignments:

1. Attracting visitors to the stores, encouraging IKEA store visitors to stay longer and enjoy more, and making it fun for everyone.
2. Striving towards make people smile while providing irresistible food offers in a welcoming atmosphere that gives our customers a good reason to return. Meeting and serving the customers showing empathy and care. Willing to listen and support them with an attitude based on the IKEA values.
3. Together with my manager and my colleagues, working to support sales and convert visitors to customers by fulfilling the purpose of our function.
4. Complying with and follow internal rules, policies and daily operational routines regarding issues like quality, food safety and stock figures as set by my manager.
5. Seeing my area through the eyes of our customers and having a daily dialogue with them to get continuous feedback about their experiences and to learn more about their needs and wants. Taking action based on their input. I also give new ideas to my manager on how to continuously improve the meeting with our customers.
6. Contribute to an easy buying process that will make it easy and convenient for our customers to shop in the store at all times throughout the day.
7. Ensuring that my area of responsibility is clean, tidy, organised, priced, attractive and inviting at all times.
8. Knowing our top-selling products and 3 Aces and 1 King, and ensuring they are available and clearly communicated and displayed at all times. Promoting alternative products when these are unavailable.
9. Helping and supporting colleagues when needed and I share my knowledge with them and encourage them to do the same.
10. Safety is a top priority and take action and raise and discuss concerns with a manager as needed.
11. Ensure any food incident, or potential incident, is reported through CASY and inform the duty manager.

Your Profiles:

1. Interested in people’s everyday life at home and in home furnishings.
2. Experienced of working in quick service restaurant; bread, pastry, and bakery; and kitchen production.
3. Sales-driven, passionate about food and people and enjoy working in hospitality area.
4. Preferably graduates majoring Food and Beverages.
5. Understand and aware of food safety, hygiene and sanitation.
6. Familiar in using kitchen tools/utensils.
7. Confident in approaching and talking to people in a friendly manner.
8. Service-minded and always keep the customer in focus.
9. Willing to work under pressure and multitasking.
10. Takes personal initiatives. Flexible, open to change, and a fast learner.
11. Computer literate, specifically MS Office.
12. Willing to work in shifting schedule, including Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.
13. Willing to work at Alam Sutera, Tangerang.
14. Willing to work under a contractual based (12-Months).

3. Country Graphic Design Specialist

In order to secure relevant, aesthetic and commercial home furnishing solutions and content in IKEA organizations that stimulate home furnishing interest in Indonesia and in local market; we are looking for a Country Graphic Design Specialist who will report to our Country Graphic Design Leader.

Your Assignments:

1. To support and strengthen the uniqueness of the IKEA identity and home furnishing on line and off line.
2. Support the team to improve their ability to create inspiring and relevant communication based on home furnishing and range knowledge across all channels.
3. Support the Visual Merchandising and Interior Design team in creating home furnishing direction to support CC, on line merchandising and store operations.
4. Promote the usage of global tools and solutions and when needed make the global solutions locally relevant. This will guarantee high quality, simplicity and efficiency.
5. Contribute with up-to-date knowledge about IKEA visual identity and tone of voice, home furnishing, and retailing and integrate in all the process.
6. Actively contribute to the country business plan and Communication & Interior Design (Com&In) action plan.
7. Contribute with deep Home Furnishing (HF) knowledge and retail trends, working together with the Com&In team, Marketing, E-Commerce and other functions.
8. Cross function collaboration to contribute with relevant HF content across channels and media.
9. Support the competence and develop of the Graphic team in store with trainings and workshops.
10. Have knowledge and experience of basic copy writing and content development/copy ideas.

Your Profiles:

1. You have broad knowledge of best practices for creating, publishing and editing content from a customer point of view as well as of how to structure and present information in all touchpoints.
2. Proven ability of defining, planning, creating, executing and following up on range presentation documentation in a relevant, simple and inspiring way with IKEA tone of voice and visual identity as well as of trends that influence home furnishing, retail design and communication to gain insight to a more appealing product presentation for customers as well as of graphic design.
3. You have broad knowledge of IKEA concept, brand objectives, values and vision, IKEA tools, processes and cycles.
4. Have broad knowledge of the IKEA multichannel reality and online customer behavior.
5. Deep knowledge of customer behavior and life at home.
6. Capability to translate abstract concepts into graphic representations as well as ability to create innovative retail and home furnishing designs based on concept and marketing objective.
7. Proven experience of independent work with proven successes of the solution implemented.
8. Proven capability of working cross-functional collaboration.
9. Knowledge of trends that influence home furnishing, retail design and communication.
10. Creative and commercial visual competence with a keen eye for aesthetics.
11. Demonstrate clear communication skills, i.e. the ability to explain verbally concepts and visual interpretation.
12. Computer proficient with the knowledge and experience of using relevant software.
13. Communicate confidently and clearly in English.

4. Replenishment Range Specialist

In order to contribute to the day to day work and development of the fulfilment availability and support organisation within the market with a customer-centric and collaborative approach in focus, we are looking for a Replenishment Range Specialist. This position will report to Replenishment Manager.

Your Assignments:

1. Responsible for coordinating the commercial range including the range renewal process and through aligning the offered range in each selling unit with the agreed range and initiating corrective actions in cooperation with Sales Leaders.
2. Responsible for securing that the full range is available to all customers at all touchpoints through excellent range administration and maintenance connected to news, seasonal, running and discontinues articles to exceed customer expectations, provide a seamless shopping experience and a great quality in meeting with the customer.
3. Contribute to the range change planning and implementation in the selling units by assisting the Sales Leaders with planning information and in the creation of initial forecasts on news and allocation of discontinued split to selling units.
4. Responsible for providing range frames based on the range selection and the selling units’ capacity and with input from the Market Flow and Capacity Planning Team and according to global range dimensioning rules. Contribute to the work of the Sales leaders with this information.
5. Responsible for the allocation of unexpected deviations of discontinued items to the selling units while taking into considerations all commercial implications and monitor the range change process and initiate necessary actions with the Commercial Team.
6. Responsible for developing local improvements in working methods, systems and tools and for implementing global routines, systems solutions and ways of working with all partners in the Supply Chain, Retail and Customer Fulfilment on the market, in close cooperation and co-creation with the Group Order and Forecast Team to secure continuous improvement.
7. Contribute with both knowledge and expertise (on range selection and administration) to optimal operational and multichannel development and tendering activities as well as to all matrices, global initiatives and competence networks.
8. Responsible for maintaining a setting of all needed parameters in all related systems.
9. Responsible for promoting and stimulating entrepreneurial orientation and contribution to development and innovation for the own organisation and total IKEA in close cooperation with the Group Functions.
10. Responsible for considering the parameters connected to the Customer Fulfilment sustainability agenda on the market in the range allocation process across all touchpoints.

Your Profiles:

1. Experienced in retailing and/or in home furnishing and life at home.
2. University degree (Logistics, Economics, Business Administration or related) or 1-2 years’ experience in the area of expertise.
3. Retail/home furnishing/supply chain/customer service experience and interest.
4. Collaborative mind-set: good in building relationships within the organisation with ability to influence others within the own area of expertise by using communication skills.
5. Experience in problem solving and improving ways of working.
6. Attention to quality with ability to complete the work according to procedures and quality standards in timely manner.
7. High organisational skills and ability to work in a structured way.
8. End-to-end orientation: ability to apply analytical process oriented thinking when acting and propose solutions.
9. Proven analytical and numeric skills and ability to identify required actions.
10. Ability to respond to business and customer needs by providing effective solutions within the area of expertise.
11. Confident and clear communication on English both written and verbal.
12. Excellent computer skills and high proficiency on Microsoft Office.

5. Sales Leader

Your Assignments:

1. Understand our market, our consumers and their living situations and use this to improve how our customers’ meet our range.
2. Work with our stores and IKEA of Sweden to use your knowledge of our customers in our market, to ensure our customers’ home furnishing needs are reflected in the IKEA range now and in the future.
3. Use the knowledge of the local market and competition to proactively secure the competitive advantage of our products.
4. See the stores through the eyes of our customers and give constructive, honest feedback to your shopkeepers on how they can improve the shopping experience for our customers.
5. Analyse individual store performance/customer feedback. You use this information to identify good solutions and ideas for improving the IKEA easy buying, easy selling process. This allows me to best assist my shopkeepers in securing that our customer can Search, Find, Choose and Buy in order to sell more.
6. Clearly communicate business strategies and priorities to my shopkeepers in a way which motivates them to take ownership for their part in achieving the overall goals and the IKEA objectives.

Your Profiles:

1. Interest in people’s everyday life at home and in home furnishing.
2. Experience of setting and implementing action plans, setting budgets and following up goals.
3. Experience of using knowledge of customer shopping behavior to develop business plans.
4. Experience of actively selling through understanding your customers and their needs.
5. Self-reliant and motivated with proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.
6. Ability to develop knowledge of the local market and business decisions.
7. Ability to engage your receiver and create a passion for your plans.
8. Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English.
9. Good analytical and numerical skills.
10. A considered decision-maker.
11. Computer proficient.

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