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Info Lowongan Kerja PT. Global Tiket Network - Terbaru Update

Penting : Kami selalu berusaha menyajikan Informasi lowongan kerja yang menggunakan metode melamar secara ONLINE, seperti melalui Email, Website resmi perusahaan, E-recruitment, Portal lowongan kerja (Jobstreet, Kalibrr, dll.) serta Google Docs. Ini dikarenakan banyaknya pencari kerja atau yang biasa disebut dengan Jobseeker yang mengeluh karena melamar melalui Offline atau mengirimkan hardfile ke alamat perusahaan bisa menghabiskan uang mereka, seperti membeli amplop, nge-print dan biaya POS!

Bulan ini, PT. Global Tiket Network ( membuka lowongan pekerjaan berbagai posisi. Jika kamu sesuai dengan kualifikasi, diharapkan segera melamar sebelum lowongan ditutup. Lowongan kerja PT. Global Tiket Network yang kami informasikan di bawah bersumber dari situs resmi karir PT. Global Tiket Network ( Jadi kami pastikan lowongan kerja ini resmi dan pastinya GRATIS, tanpa ada pungutan biaya selama proses seleksi. adalah situs web yang menyediakan layanan pemesanan hotel, tiket pesawat, tiket kereta api, penyewaan mobil, tiket konser, tiket atraksi, tiket hiburan yang berbasis d Indonesia. dibentuk pada bulan Agustus 2011.

PT. Global Tiket Network ( didirikan oleh Wenas Agusetiawan, Dimas Surya Yaputra, Natali Ardianto, dan Mikhael Gaery Undarsa pada bulan Agustus 2011. Pada awalnya,[Wenas Agusetiawan membeli domain dan mengajak beberapa kolega untuk membuat sebuah situs web untuk melayani pemesanan tiket pesawat dan kereta api. merupakan salah satu rekan bisnis Kereta Api Indonesia di Indonesia. juga bekerjasama dengan berbagai maskapai di Indonesia untuk memudahkan orang untuk pemesanan tiket pesawat melalui internet.

Info selengkapnya tentang PT. Global Tiket Network bisa kamu akses melalui Ingat, pengetahuanmu tentang perusahaan terkait sangat sering ditanyakan oleh HRD saat interview.

Lowongan Kerja PT. Global Tiket Network ( Update APRIL 2021



Data Platform – Backend Engineer

Job Description

•Assist in designing new backend services
•Create Rest API server
•Integrate back-end services to multiple tools, using GCP, Apache Nifi, Tableau
•Do documentation API contract, with front-end engineers
•Have hands-on experience in Golang is preferable
•Have hands-on experience in Databases such as MySQL, Postgres
Data Platform – Frontend Engineer

Job Description

•Transform design from Figma into React JS app
•Create reusable React JS components
•Fetch data from backend services
•Discuss API contract, with back-end engineers
•Have hands-on experience in React JS or React Native


•Responsible for handling new products, from acquiring up to on-boarding
•Coordinate with internal team (Commercial, Product, Finance, and Content team)
•Assist the team for documentation purpose (Invoice, Internal Memo, Internal System Request, etc)

•Undergraduate student, preferably from a reputable university
•Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
•Passionate about travel!
•Excellent proficiency in English, both spoken and written is preferred
•Excellent Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
•Detail-oriented, willing to learn, good communication skills, team player attitude, and self-motivated


•Responsible for an Analyst role
•Responsible to support the People Partner team for any tasks related to data
•As a bonus, you will get exposure not only from HR’s perspective but also from the business/stakeholders’ perspective

•Excellent in handling data, using Excel sheets, Pivot tables, etc
•Good communication skills
•Has basic knowledge of HR
•Preferably has a background education in Human Resource Management


•Work with the team to improve user experience with your copywriting or creative writing skill
•Conduct desk research, analysis, and surveys
•Assist the Product Development team to document the works

•Excellent writing and proofreading skills
•Have hands-on experience with Content Management Systems, e.g. WordPress
•Has familiar with online marketing campaigns
•Has basic knowledge in keyword search
•Good in time-management


Role instructions:
Catch the sunrise on the top of Padar Island and see fascinating views of the boundless blue sea. Dive and spot the beauty of colourful fishes, dancing jellyfishes, and unique coral collections in Labuan Bajo. Take selfies with the world’s largest lizard in Komodo Island or build the majestic sandcastle in Pink beach. Guess which country you could possibly do all those enjoyable activities in? Yup, the answer is Indonesia. With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia has many destinations worth exploring.

Are you looking for a new purpose in life? To introduce the beauty of Indonesia to the eyes of the world.

This is the opportunity to make you excited to jump out of bed every morning. We are looking for a hungry, agile, and quality-oriented Principal Engineer to open Indonesia’s window to the world and also the world’s window to Indonesia. Join our mission to make Indonesia a prosperous nation through tourism.

Your main duties in flying with us:

•Responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining products and systems.
•Provide best practice or expertise to support the software engineer team
•Conduct research and analysis to give recommendation or suggestion
•Provide solution to all issues
Mandatory belongings that you must prepare:

•Minimum 5 years of working experience in using Java, Golang or equivalent
•Experience working with No-SQL Database (e.g MongoDB) and relational database (e.g MySQL)
•Experience with Redis or Memcached
•Experience in PHP Frameworks is a plus
^Passion in software engineering, application and platform development, or system development
•Good business acumen, excellent problem skills and broad understanding of software and system design.
•Comfortable working up and down the technology stack
•Has curiosity to explore creative solutions and try new things to solve challenging problems to pull it all together into a user accepted solution
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


Your main duties in flying with us:

•Prepare detailed data for consolidation & reporting (Yearly, Monthly & Weekly)
•Handling data gathering from ERP system
•Prepare Statutory Financial Reporting based on required standard (PSAK/IFRS)
•Update with updated IFRS standard
•Mandatory belongings that you must prepare:
•Have minimum 1 to 3 years of experience as an Auditor in Big4 with strong experience in consolidation & PSAK/IFRS reporting
•Have basic knowledge in Consolidation is an advantage
•Audit Experience in a listed company is an advantage
Strong analytical skill in Numbers with a large amount of data
•Fluent communication in English is preferable


Your main duties in flying with us:

•Optimizations CRM campaign based on performance metrics such as quality score and competitive analyses
Provides recommendations on tracking and data improvements that are in support of more comprehensive data gathering
•Performs tests on these landing pages, ad copy, audience, bidding, app ranking, app engagement for the purpose of increasing App penetrations rates and the business’s profit margin
•Able to use the 3rd party measurements data and use that as the additional optimizations sources
Work collaboratively with the commercial team
Mandatory belongings that you must prepare:

•Have minimum 1 year of experience in the related field
•Bachelor degree in Business or quantitative disciplines such as Marketing, Business Administration, Math, Computer Science, etc.
•Excellent in 360 digital marketing skills (e.g. Appsflyer, AppAnnie, Google Analytics, 3rd Party Measurement, etc.)


Your main duties in flying with us:

•Design and oversee all aspects of brand digital marketing department including tracking, paid digital brand placement
•Develop and monitor campaign budgets
Prepare accurate reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance
•Coordinate with advertising and media experts to improve marketing results
•Identify the latest trends and technologies affecting our industry
•Evaluate important metrics that affect our website traffic, service quotas, and target audience
Oversee and manage all contests, and other digital projects
•Responsible to do competitor analysis regularly & give the best recommendation towards the organizations
Mandatory belongings that you must prepare:

•Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or relevant field
Have minimum 5 years of experience in a digital marketing or advertising position.
•Have in-depth knowledge of various social media platforms, best practices, and website analytics.
•Have solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a plus
•Highly creative with excellent analytical abilities
•Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
Up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing


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*Lowongan di atas bisa tutup sewaktu - waktu apabila posisi sudah terisi


1. Kami hanya share ulang lowongan kerja ini dari sumber yang terpercaya.
2. Lowongan kerja ini GRATIS, tanpa dipungut biaya.
3. Selalu waspada terhadap segala bentuk penipuan.

Sekian informasi yang dapat kami sampaikan mengenai lowongan kerja di, Jika kamu sesuai dengan kualifikasi segeralah melamar, Jika tidak sesuai janganlah menyerah, tetaplah semangat mencari pekerjaan impianmu. Jangan lupa beribadah dan berdoa karena rezekimu sudah ada yang mengatur. Jika ditolak olah satu perusahaan berarti memang bukan rezekimu untuk bekerja di sana, Tuhan sudah menyiapkan rezeki yang lain, yang lebih baik untukmu.

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