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Penting : Kami selalu berusaha menyajikan Informasi lowongan kerja yang menggunakan metode melamar secara ONLINE, seperti melalui Email, Website resmi perusahaan, E-recruitment, Portal lowongan kerja (Jobstreet, Kalibrr, dll.) serta Google Docs. Ini dikarenakan banyaknya pencari kerja atau yang biasa disebut dengan Jobseeker yang mengeluh karena melamar melalui Offline atau mengirimkan hardfile ke alamat perusahaan bisa menghabiskan uang mereka, seperti membeli amplop, nge-print dan biaya POS!

Bulan ini, PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat membuka lowongan pekerjaan berbagai posisi. Jika kamu sesuai dengan kualifikasi, diharapkan segera melamar sebelum lowongan ditutup. Lowongan kerja PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat yang kami informasikan di bawah bersumber dari situs resmi Lemonilo (, Link aktif kami lampirkan di bawah. Jadi kami pastikan lowongan kerja ini resmi dan pastinya GRATIS, tanpa ada pungutan biaya selama proses seleksi.

PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat atau Lemonilo adalah perusahaan startup konsumen yang berbasis di Jakarta Barat. Lemonilo didirikan oleh Shinta Nurfauzia (Co-CEO), Ronald Wijaya (Co-CEO), and Johannes Ardiant (Chief Product & Technology).

Didirikan pada tahun 2016, Lemonilo muncul pertama kali sebagai sebuah lokapasar yang menjual produk-produk sehat dan natural dengan harga terjangkau. Selain di e-commerce, produk-produk Lemonilo dapat dibeli melalui aplikasi mobile, serta beberapa supermarket dan minimarket. Saat ini, Lemonilo sudah ada di 28 wilayah di Indonesia

Pada Juni 2017, Lemonilo secara resmi meluncurkan produk pertamanya, Lemonilo Mi Instan Rasa Mie Goreng di platform online Seiring dengan meningkatnya permintaan, Lemonilo Mi Instan kemudian juga dijual secara luring, baik di supermarket maupun minimarket. Lemonilo Mie Instan kini tersedia di lebih dari 28 wilayah di Indonesia.

Melanjutkan kesuksesan Lemonilo Mie Instan Rasa Mie Goreng, Lemonilo terus mengembangkan dan meluncurkan lebih banyak lagi produk-produk sehat. Sampai dengan 2020, Lemonilo telah menjual lebih dari 40 produk melalui platform onlinenya.

Info selengkapnya tentang PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat bisa kamu akses melalui Ingat, pengetahuanmu tentang perusahaan terkait sangat sering ditanyakan oleh HRD saat interview.

Lowongan Kerja PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat Update APRIL 2021

1. Food And Beverage Direct Buyer (Procurement)

Job Description

•Handling Direct & Indirect Purchasing (especially Food Categories – perishables and non perishables) or any related product/services regarding to the company needs.
•Working together with PPIC team and responsible for material availability for production.
•Sourcing vendor and product, maintain supplier data base, purchase records and related documentation.
•Ensuring that all procured items meet the required quality standard and specifications.
•Make planning for developing and implementing purchasing strategy.


•Min. Bachelor Degree from all majors.
•1- 3 years buying/purchasing food and beverages related experience or have demonstrated knowledge, skill and ability to perform the above mentioned task.
•Have a good connection with vendors from food & beverage industry is more preferable.
•Strong negotiation skill and attention to detail.
•Familiar with standard concepts and commonly used purchasing policies, processes and procedures.
•Able to work within tight deadline with high-mobility schedule/timeline.

2. Food And Beverage Accounting Officer

Job Description

•Validate transactions and reconcile payments from multiple channels.
•Review incoming invoices on related services.
•Prepare journal entries and supporting documents.
•Analyse and provide a critical assessment of financial performance.
•Perform month end and year end closing process and reporting to management team on timely basis.
•Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately.
•Improve processes by developing or implementing best practices.


•Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
•At least 1-2 year(s) of working experience in the related field.
•Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
•In depth knowledge of IFRS standard and accounting software.
•Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
•Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
•Previous experience in food and beverage preferred

3. Senior Data Analyst

Job Description

•Analyse current and historical trends and give recommendation to relevant partners
•Create visualization or monitoring of relevant metrics, both business unit level or management
•Bridge data driven mindset among stakeholders


•Bachelor degree or above, education background preferably from Mathematics, Statistics and IT
•Have experience in simple statistics modelling or data analyst area for minimum 2 years
•Have knowledge and understanding of scripting logic (SQL or other data pulling language)
•Have knowledge and understanding of data processing tools (Rstudio, python, etc)
•Have knowledge of Google Analytics will be a plus point
•Able to perform basic statistical computation
•Have an excellent attention to detail
•Have an excellent logical comprehension

4. Senior Frontend Engineer

Job Description

•Build a scalable features, web app.
•Be able to think beyond code to architecture and user experience.
•Solve technical problems.
•Be able to write clear, concise source-code documentation, unit and integration tests.
•Be able to debug non-trivial application code.
•Help define coding standards and development processes.


•Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model.
•Thorough understanding of React (Native/JS) and its core principles.
•Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux).
•Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript.
•Experience with data structure libraries (e.g., Immutable.js).
•Knowledge of isomorphic React is a plus.
•Familiarity with RESTful APIs.
•Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token

5. Senior Data Engineer

Job Description

•Design, develop, test and maintain highly scalable data infrastructure.
•Build high-performance integrated data pipelines.
•Ensure standardized metadata, access protocols, and discovery mechanisms.
•Build data quality checks.
•Explore and integrate new big data technologies and software engineering tools into current infrastructures.
•Research opportunities for data acquisition and new uses for existing data.
•Collaborate with Data and IT team members in enhancing the data platform.
•Monitoring data collection, storage and retrieval processes.
•Collaborate with Eng on data standards.
•Develop a good understanding of the Business with its various domains.


•Database (Relational & NoSQL): PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, etc.
•Message Queueing systems: Kafka, NSQ, GCP Pub Sub, etc.
•Hands on experience in SQL and programming language: Python, Java, Scala or Go.
•In-depth understanding of database structure principles, data warehousing, data mining concepts, and segmentation techniques.
•Experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring big data analytics solutions.
•DevOps/DataOps skills are plus points.
•Problem solving skill
•Analytical thinking
•Task management
•Adaptable personalities, with attention to detail alongside social awareness, confidence with responsibility and diplomacy

6. Event Specialist

Job Description

•Creating offline and online event plan for Lemonilo Club
•Collaborate with partners and communities
•Conceptualizing event themes, preparing and managing event timelines.
•Engaging with vendors
•Liaising with speakers and preparing speaking notes, rundown, dan ToR
•Create the most efficient business process and project management methods for scalable event management
•Analyzing the trends for event creation and potential speakers
•Post-event reporting


•Min. 3 year experience on project management or related field
•Humble, creative & fun with a sense of humor
Strong organizational skills and leadership qualities.
•Deep understanding dalam project management methods and tools
•Up to date with the recent trends of social media event
•Detail and able to work with a fast pace
•Problem solver and aggregator
•Bachelor degree in communication, management, and marketing is a plus


1. Kami hanya share ulang lowongan kerja ini dari sumber yang terpercaya.
2. Lowongan kerja ini GRATIS, tanpa dipungut biaya.
3. Selalu waspada terhadap segala bentuk penipuan.

Sekian informasi yang dapat kami sampaikan mengenai lowongan kerja di PT Lemonilo Indonesia Sehat, Jika kamu sesuai dengan kualifikasi segeralah melamar, Jika tidak sesuai janganlah menyerah, tetaplah semangat mencari pekerjaan impianmu. Jangan lupa beribadah dan berdoa karena rezekimu sudah ada yang mengatur. Jika ditolak olah satu perusahaan berarti memang bukan rezekimu untuk bekerja di sana, Tuhan sudah menyiapkan rezeki yang lain, yang lebih baik untukmu.

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