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Khusus Jiwa Perantau, Lowongan Kerja Julong Group Indonesia Penempatan Kalimantan Agustus 2019

Julong Group Indonesia merupakan Perusahaan Modal Asing yang bergerak di bidang perkebunan kelapa sawit dan pabrik kelapa sawit yang tersebar di wilayah Kalimantan & Sumatra. Saat ini menawarkan kesempatan bagi tenaga muda profesional yang menyukai tantangan untuk bergabung bersama Julong Group Indonesia sebagai:


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Tianjin Julong Group, the leader of China’s oil palm industry as well as the world’s first palm oil processor that achieves the “Green Food” certificate, owns the highest palm oil market share in China, and ranked in the list of “Top 20 Global Competitive Company” of the year 2011-2012. In 2012, the operating revenue of Julong Group was 20 billion. 

Julong Group operates at the heart of oils and fats industry, and spans a value chain from farm to fork. Its entire value chain includes oil palm cultivation, oils and fats processing, port logistics, trades and merchandising, oils and fats product R&D, brand packaged edible oil promotion and financial service. It is one of the earliest palm oil enterprises with the largest scale and the broadest influence in China. 

Julong Group owns a comprehensive oils and fats processing base in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone which has the largest capacity in China with per year 1.35 million tons of palm oil fractionation, 700 thousand tons of oils refining and 220 thousand tons of total oils storage. In Jiangsu, the Jingjiang base of Julong Group is the largest comprehensive palm oil processing base in East China. There are an oversize plant with per year 1 million tons of palm oil fractionation, 600 thousand tons of oils refining and 210 thousand tons of total oils storage, and a logistics base of three inland terminal depots whose total cargo handling capacity is 140 thousand tons. Meanwhile, the Dongguan base in South China is under construction. In line with expanding the processing capacity, Julong Group enhances production technical innovation and products R&D when facing Chinese market demand. Julong Group has won the national patent for the ultra low melting point palm oil fractionation technology, taking the lead within the global palm oil industry in realizing the mass production of ultra low melting point palm oil. In May 2007, Julong Group promoted the first small packaged palm oil, the “Holiday 1st Fresh Extract”, filling the domestic market vacancy of small packaged edible oil. 

Julong Group built its overseas oil palm plantation in 2006 and the supporting crushing plant in 2011 in Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, which represented that our country had made a full-scale entry into palm oil industry, the largest edible oil industry in the world. So far, Julong Group has developed palm plantations with a total area of 50,000 hectares as well as reserve land with a total area of 140,000 hectares. Furthermore, there are more than 40 Indonesian countries cooperating with Julong Group for palm planting, with a total area of 10 thousand hectares, which is beneficial to more than 5000 families and 20,000 people in local. Julong Group has earned state leaders’ caring and social recognition with its outstanding contributions in business internationalization. 

Looking to the future, Julong Group, taking “Prosper the industry and serve the people, Guarantee people’s livelihood” as its objective, will speed up its globalization and increase its input in palm plantation in Southeast Asia. Making use of land and environmental resources in Indonesia and Malaysia, Julong Group will further exert great efforts into palm plantations, the largest-scale woody plant oils and fats resource in the world, and further upgrade its internationalization and global competitiveness. Meanwhile, on the basis of stabilizing palm oil processing and trade, Julong Group will boost the packaged edible palm oil promotion and palm oil chemical product in-depth R&D to provide the market with more competitive palm oil products. 

Julong Indonesia is a Chinese foreign company under Tianjin Julong Group. Our core business focuses on the Palm oil industrial chain consisting of oil-crop plantation, edible oil processing, port logistics, oil and grains trade, oil and fat product R&D, brand packaged-oil promotion and grains industry financial services. Julong made it first step to Indonesia in 2006 and until now we have reached Kalimantan and Sumatera. Our plantation spreaded in Central Kalimatan, South Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and South Sumatera. Due to business growth, upcoming projects and other business objectives, we are looking for talented people who possess a passionate, enterprising spirit to help us shape the future of our business and to be part of our team. For additional information please contact us without hesitation.


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