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Lowongan Kerja (PT Kompas Cyber Media) Reporter, Video Editor, Assistant Editor - Oktober 2019

We are Looking for Reporter

Job Description

1. Reportage, interview, and pour it on good writing
2. Proficient in writing articles
3. Doing research and make writing as assigned

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree in Journalism or related field
2. At least 1 years experience in the related field
3. Writing and Journalism skills
4. Strong Planning skills
5. Ability to work quickly and under pressure

We are Looking for Video Editor

Job Description

1. Editing and processing raw videos into a high quality and engaging video content for internet landscape.
2. Work collaboratively with videographers, writers, and producers to create a high quality content.
3. In charge of video data management.

Job Requirements

1. Expert in Adobe Editing Suite (Premiere, After Effect).
2. Deep familiarity with color grading.
3. Able to work well under tight deadline.
4. Good data management.
5. Deep passion for video editing and willingness to learn new video editing technology.
6. Strong interest and passion in cinema, pop culture, and internet videos

We are Looking for Assistant Editor

Job Description

1. Developing and editing news story for publication or broadcast.
2. Organize materials and write a story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards.

Job Requirements

1. Have a minimum of 5 years off the experience as a reporter at an online media company.
2. Experienced in regional issues.
3. Strong Journalism background with proven writing and editing skills, exceptional organizational skills, and highly experienced in managing writers.An active Social Media user.
4. Have the ability to work under pressure.Agree with shift work schedule.
5. Agree to be placed in Solo, Central Java.


Sumber : ACEC UMS

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