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Loker Staf Admin (Administrator) - Pt Ultra Sakti Terbuka Untuk Lulusan Baru!

Important : We always try to present job vacancies using ONLINE method of applying, such as via email, company official website, E-recruitment, job portals (Jobstreet, Kalibrr, etc.) and Google Docs. This is because many job seekers or commonly called Jobseekers who complain that applying through Offline or sending hardfiles to company addresses can cost them money, such as buying envelopes, printing and POS fees!

This month, PT Ultra Sakti opens a job vacancy for the position of Administrator. If you meet the qualifications, please apply immediately before the vacancy closes. The job vacancy information that we convey below is sourced from Official Jobstreet PT Ultra Sakti. So we make sure this job vacancy is official and definitely FREE, without any fees during the selection process.

PT Ultra Sakti is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company.

The company was initially dedicated to manufacturing pharmaceutical products in the form of standard and generic medicines. In responding the market needs, in 2010 the company moved into consumer goods based on market trends and created the brand ‘FreshCare’ aromatic oils with new fragrances that people are more comfortable to wear in public.

Building upon the success of the FreshCare brand, the company was enlarged by adding Tresno Joyo, a company that specializes in traditional medicines.

Ultra Sakti is committed to produce high quality standard products as our contributions to improve the quality of life.

💼 Job Vacancy - Administrator at PT Ultra Sakti


- Minimum education D3 all majors
- Minimum GPA 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
- Open for fresh graduates
- Preferably with at least 1 year experience
- Maximum age 28 years old
- Happy with administrative activities
- Have relationship building and communication skills
- Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
- Placement in Area Jakarta/Bekasi

Sumber gambar : Official Linkedin PT. Ultra Sakti

Kirimkan lamaran ke email : recruitment@ultrasakti.com
Subjek Email : Nama_ADMIN



1. We only re-share this job vacancy from a trusted source.
2. This job vacancy is FREE, free of charge.
3. Always be aware of all forms of fraud.

That's all the information we can convey about the Administrator job vacancies at PT Ultra Sakti, If you match the qualifications, apply immediately, If it doesn't fit, don't give up, keep on looking for your dream job. Don't forget to worship and pray because your sustenance has already been arranged. If one company is rejected, it means that it is not your sustenance to work there, God has prepared another, better sustenance for you.


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