Info Loker Panin Bank Profesional Program Fresh Graduate

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This month, Panin Bank opens a job vacancy for the position of Panin Professional Program. If you meet the qualifications, please apply immediately before the vacancy closes. The job vacancy information that we convey below is sourced from Official website Panin Bank. So we make sure this job vacancy is official and definitely FREE, without any fees during the selection process.

Panin Bank is a commercial bank developed in Indonesia. Established in 1971, Panin Bank continues to support banking and economic sectors in Indonesia. With its "Selalu Untuk Anda" (Always for You) motto, Panin Bank is focused on Bank's consistency in providng the best services for its customers.

In 2012, Panin Bank strengthened its position as one of leading banks (7th largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, profits, total loan, total capital, and CAR). With more than 450 branch offices and more than 36,200 ATM Bersama and Alto ATMs, Panin Bank is ready to serve customers throughout the country. Consistent progress made by Panin Bank is a result of our philosophy, which is focused on balancing prudence and progressive business growth. By keeping up our prudence in dealing with risk management, Panin Bank has managed to overcome uncertainties and economic crisis. On the other hand, business development should be maintained as competitive as possible, so that Panin Bank could maintain its position as a main motivator for Indonesian banking industry.

In improving companies' growth and transformation, Panin Bank invites you, young generation, to establish a carrier and achive your dreams together with Panin Bank. Please check our job vacancies and make them as golden opportunities for you to achieve your dreams.

About Panin Professional Program

Excellent Human Resources (HR) is the result of a constant learning process and appropriate experience. Therefore, to improve the quality and ability of the individuals who join it, Panin Bank organizes a development program called the Panin Professional Program.

As one large platform, the Panin Professional Program consists of specialist programs aimed at several fields of work, both from the business and operational & service divisions. Each program has qualifications and specific learning materials, by providing a balanced supply of knowledge and skills. This is made possible through comprehensive program materials, ranging from the provision of technical materials to direct observation and practice at Panin Bank branches (On the Job Training). The ability and understanding of each participant is equalized through in-depth evaluation methods, ranging from written evaluations, making papers and practical reports to presentation exam methods. In addition, as an important asset for Panin Bank, graduates of the Panin Professional Program have a structured and targeted career path.

Job Vacancies Information for Bank Panin Professional Program

Panin Professional Program can be described as follows:

 1. Business Field

Arranged to accommodate HR needs in Panin Bank's 3 main businesses, namely Commercial Loans, Home Ownership Loans (KPR) and Third Party Fund Management (Funding & Wealth Management)

• Account Officer Program Commercial (AOP Commercial)
• KPR Program Account Officer (AOP KPR)
• Relationship Management Program (RMP)

2. Operations & Service

• Branch Frontliners Program

Branch Frontliners Program This is a program designed for those of you who want to start a career in banking as a Customer Service & Teller. If you meet the following qualifications / criteria:

•Max 25 years old and single
•Minimum Height: Male: 165 cm, Female: 155 cm
•S1 Fresh Graduate from reputable university with minimum GPA : 2.75
•Able to communicate well
•Able to build relationships & intimacy
Able to work with high accuracy
•Placement at Panin Bank Branches in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang areas



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