Lowongan Kerja Lippo Malls - Terbaru Update

Lowongan kerja Lippo Malls yang kami informasikan di bawah bersumber dari situs Jobstreet Lippo Malls (Jobstreet.co.id)

Lippo Malls (sebelumnya The Village Mall) merupakan operator mal terbesar di Indonesia. Lippo Malls dikelola oleh PT Jasa Management Consulting Division, anak perusahaan Lippo Karawaci Tbk. Kelompok ini memiliki total 585 anchor tenant dan penyewa 15.353 di seluruh mal dengan berbagai ukuran dari 26.000 meter persegi sampai 90.000 meter persegi dan target kelompok ekonomi menengah atas di setiap lokasi pasar mereka. Anchor tenant meliputi beberapa penyewa terbesar di Indonesia disamping Merek Nasional.

Lowongan Kerja Lippo Malls Indonesia Update Januari 2021

1. Leasing Supervisor - Lippo Plaza Lubuk Linggau

Job Role:

Responsible for finding prospective tenants to occupy vacant space / units and ensure occupancy rates and targets set are met.

Job Description:

- Sourcing for prospective tenants to place an empty room / unit or replace if the tenant cancels / the tenant resigns.
- Acting as an intermediary between the tenant and the relevant department (fit out, technique, etc.) during the negotiation stage in the leasing from the bidding stage until the store opening period.
- Expanding the tenant database, updating retail development, maintaining relationships with tenants.
- Having the ability and preparing all documents relating to rental unit activities including correspondence to prospective business tenants, supporting documents relating to SOPs / DOAs, supporting documents relating to other relevant departments.

Job Requirements:

- Minimum bachelor’s degree in management, economics or any related degree.
- Have an understanding of the current market and submarket conditions
- Ability to plan and negotiate and the knowledge of the market.
- Able to run reports set by management.
- Leadership ability
- Ability to work in a stressful environment.
- Computer capabilities, eg: Microsoft office.
- Good interpersonal skills.
- Strong customer service and client management
- Minimum experience 3 years in the same field

2. Accounting Supervisor - Lippo Plaza Kramat Jati

Deskripsi pekerjaan:

Membantu  FAM dalam menyiapkan laporan keuangan
- Membuat jurnal entri manual dan memastikan dokumen pendukung yang cukup untuk audit trails seperti: jurnal untuk depresiasi bulanan dan amortiasi bulanan
- Membuat laporan harian, mingguan dan bualanan 
- Membuat, memperbaharui, dan memaintain detil dan list pendukung seperti aktiva tetap, biaya dibayar dimuka, advances dan deferred income
- Membuat, memperbaharui, dan memaintain detil dan list pendukung seperti aktiva tetap, biaya dibayar dimuka, advances dan deferred income


- S1 Ekonomi/Akuntansi
- IPK minimal 3.00 dan maksimal usia 30 tahun
- Memiliki pengetahuan yang baik tentang standart akuntasi (baik internasional dan Indonesia)
- Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik dan bisa berbahasa inggris inggris lisan dan tulisan
- Memiliki pengetahuan perpajakan
- Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang baik dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris
- Memiliki pengetahuan dan dapat menggunakan sistem akuntasi, dan memiliki keterampilan komputer MS-Office

3. IT Support - Palembang Square

Job Role:

Involving the application of information technology knowledge and information technology techniques and principles for the development or maintenance of information systems and network administrators.

Job Description:

1. Monitor IT infrastructure support (hardware and equipment), including preventive maintenance (anti virus protection, warranty renewal), trouble shooting (PCs and LAN), servers and communication lines (PABX), in order to ensure IT infrastructures in all offices are working properly and effectively.
2. Monitor IT system support, including software installation, maintenance (licensed renewal) and trouble shooting, in order to ensure systems in all offices are working properly and effectively.
3. Monitor support on user management, filing and data management (user ID’s and passwords, data backup and protection), in order to ensure all systems and data are working within security standards.
4. Perform an existing system administrator.

Job Requirements:

- Minimum bachelor’s degree in Information and technology.
- Organizational, time management and prioritization skills.
- Have good computer skills for Excel and proficiency in other Office applications
- Understand how to use database systems management software, enterprise resource planning software, and web platform development software
- Excellent communication (both verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
- Having work experience at least 1-3 years in the same field or relevan

4. Admin Mall - Pluit Village

Job Role:

Collects, compiles, and analyzes moderately complex data and information, prepares presentations, and composes straightforward written descriptions of results, and distributes them.

Job Description:

- Performs high-level, administrative work, including frequent complex and confidential clerical work organizing, scheduling, coordinating, compiling, exchanging and analyzing data and information.
- Participates in administrative functions such as giving some input about budgeting or developing spreadsheet tracking reports.
- Assists in implementing property activities, internal and external.
- Contacts are with executives, managers, other employees and customers mainly to assist with information exchange, problems and data or documents requests.
- Studies management methods to improve workflow, simplify reporting procedures, and implement cost reductions.
- May provide administration / coordination process for all divisions
- Schedules meetings/conference calls and appointments, inform to Dept Head, coordinate to GA to prepare for meeting,and makes travel arrangements, as needed Reminder of all Dept. to send MOR & ACR, MRC and send the MOR & ACR Report to the Mall Director for review and the Mall Director sends a report to the Director.
- Reminder of all Dept. to send MOR & ACR, MRC and send the MOR & ACR Report to the Mall Director for review and the Mall Director sends a report to the Director.
- Compile Audit Report (if any).
- Reminder all Dept. head to send meeting materials to be discussed at the MCM.
- Reminder Mall Director to sign IOM, AF, PP, PO, and SPK.
- Record incoming/outgoing letter on logbook, circulation to related department and Mall Director for decision.

Job Requirements:

- Minimum Bachelor Degree (any major)
- Maximum 28 years old
- Good attention to detail.
- Good interpersonal skill and teamwork.
- Good problem solving skill and office management.
- Have good computer skills for Excel and proficiency in other Office applications.
- Have plenty of initiative.
- Does not require work experience or freshgraduate.

5. Legal Supervisor - Plaza Medan Fair

Job Role:

Handle both internal and external legal concerns, and are tasked with doing everything in their power to keep their organization out of legal trouble. Ensuring that the best legal action is taken for his or her organization.

Job Descriptions:

- Prepare legal documents for the benefit of the company.
- Prepare lease agreements, addendum agreements, manpower cooperation agreements and warning letters.
- Ensure that the complete mall documents comply with government regulations.
- Making the SPK PO in accordance with the request and the results of negotiations, giving the realization of the SPK PO.
- Supplier and contractor evaluation.

Job Requirements:

- Minimum bachelor’s degree in Law.
- Excellent communication skills in English (Oral and written)
- Proficiency in computer.
- Good attention to detail
- Good interpersonal skill
- Have an understanding of the rules and / or laws that apply today.
- Able to run management-determined reports.
- The ability to work in a stressful environment.
- Strong customer service and client management
- Minimum 2 years for supervisor level.

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